Beltliners Have Their Say at Neighbour Day!

Did you join the party?

BNA and CJSW had a HUGE launch for the McHugh House on Neighbour Day this June. In addition to delicious food, great entertainment and a general party atmosphere, Beltliners also had a chance to share their vision for the McHugh House. Here are those results!

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12 Avenue Subway Arriving Soon!

Have you heard the news?

Premier Rachel Notley has announced $1.53 Billion in funding for the new Green Line LRT from the carbon levy. This is the single largest infrastructure investment in Alberta’s history making up one-third of the $4.65 Billion cost to build Phase 1 of the Green Line from 16 Avenue in the north to Shepard in the southeast.

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Not the final word on 12 Avenue Underground in Victoria Park

Administration’s Beltline Alignment Recommendation

On June 21, City administration will be making a final recommendation on the alignment for the first phase of the Green Line LRT, including the portion through the Beltline. Their recommendation includes an underground alignment along 12 Avenue from 2 Street SW to Macleod Trail. East of Macleod, the alignment transitions to private lands and surfaces further east along the south side of the CPR tracks. Stations would be located underground near Centre Street and on the surface at 4 Street SE.

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14 / 15 Ave Open House Delivers Results

Rebooting the 14 and 15 Ave detours

The City has now released the results of the engagement and all the feedback collected since postponing implementation of the 14 and 15 Avenue one-way detours through the Beltline to engage with local residents over the course of four open house sessions at the BNA's McHugh House.

In May, Beltline residents spoke out and expressed their concerns that the City’s plan presented significant challenges that, if left unresolved would impact the safety and quality of life in our neighbourhoods.

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HELP NEEDED: Protect 14th and 15th Avenues!

On June 5th, the City will begin converting 14 and 15 Avenues from Macleod Trail to 14 Street SW to one-way traffic diverting up to an additional 19,000 cars, trucks and buses per day and doubling the width of these residential avenues. Beltline residents spoke out recently and expressed their concerns that the City’s current plan presents significant challenges that, if left unresolved could impact the safety and quality of life in our neighbourhoods.

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14/15 Avenue Update: We hear you!

Two weeks ago the City of Calgary 17th Avenue SW Reconstruction Team sent notices out about their plans to temporarily convert 14 and 15 Avenues to one-way streets to detour traffic around 17 Avenue in phases over the duration of the reconstruction project for the next 3-4 years.

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BNA Launching Community Hub in 121-Year-Old McHugh House

A New Chapter For Calgary's 6th Oldest House

The Beltline Neighbourhoods Association is pleased to announce the launch of our exciting new community hub for the Beltline in the historic 121-year-old McHugh House at Centre Street and 17 Avenue SW. Home to a growing population of over 22,000 residents, the Beltline has for years been in need of a community space for residents and local groups.


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10 Avenue Victoria Park Option Would Cost More Than Underground, So Why Isn’t the City Considering Underground?

We took a look at the costs associated with the newly proposed 10 Avenue Green Line option through Victoria Park and discovered that it may actually cost significantly more than an underground station on 12 Avenue SE. Given that the universal preference of local stakeholders is a 12 Avenue SE underground alignment, we believe the City should put this option on the table for consideration so it can be properly evaluated.


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November update & volunteer opportunity

Today, we bring you a great volunteer opportunity for Connaught School and an update on the BNA's work with other community members on the Green Line LRT project.

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12 Ave Underground Ranks #1



The results are in!

The Beltline Neighbourhoods Association is pleased to hear that the Green Line Team’s newly completed detailed evaluation of the Beltline alignments found the 12 Avenue underground option ranked highest amongst the alternatives of 10 Avenue surface and underground, and 12 Avenue surface.

12 Avenue underground alignment was an option that was nearly eliminated just over a month ago until the BNA, along with an overwhelming number of community stakeholders successfully advocated for the City to bring it back on the table for further investigation.

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