There is much to do. We are listening.

We are inspired by Beltlandians, Calgarians, and communities around the world that have spent the past weeks standing together to call out and stand up against systemic racism present within our nation and its history. 


Words have escaped us over the past few weeks and we acknowledge that our response has not come quickly. We understand that systemic racism manifests itself in our judicial, medical, welfare, governing and societal structures; and, that this creates glaring inequities for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour). 

We stand in solidarity with you. At the Beltline Neighbourhoods Association, we believe Black Lives Matter.

We acknowledge that we have a role to play and we have much to learn about the stories we tell, the space we make, the voices we amplify and how we build community in the Calgary.

We are committed to practicing diligent allyship. We are committed to amplifying the voices of organizations and individuals committed to anti-racist work.

We will continue to advocate for community building in the Beltline that is equitable, just, and reflective of our beautifully diverse neighbourhoods. 

There is much to do. We are listening. We will show up.

Help us with this work. Get involved with us. Email [email protected].

We have been reading and listening to articles, columns, and posts. Here are some of links that have been helpful resources for us.

"Urban Design is not Neutral" / Interview with Tamika L. Butler and Jay Pitter. TVO, June 2020.

"Towards the Just City," / Interview with Kofi Hope. 360DegreeCity podcast, June 2020. *show notes include additional links

"Addressing Institutional Racism in Canada," Monetta Bailey. The Sprawl, June 2020.

"Urban planning sowed racial inequality in Minneapolis. Other North American cities must heed that warning." / Heather Worthington. Globe and Mail, June 2020.


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