2023 Board Positions

Help build a better Beltline neighbourhood. Consider running for our Board of Directors at the upcoming AGM on November 7th, 2023¬†ūüíę

We are now accepting applications for community members interested in joining our Board of Directors. Please send a resume and brief cover letter indicating the position you would like to run for to¬†[email protected].¬†Positions up for election this year are listed below.

There are a number of positions on the Board of Directors (the Board) of the Beltline Neighbourhoods Association (BNA). In addition to the duties common to all directors, each board member is assigned to a specific  portfolio and set of responsibilities relevant to that position. A description of each position is listed below.

Board Members: General Responsibilities

  • Act in the best long-term interests of the BNA and the Beltline.
  • Be a Regular Member in good standing of the BNA.
  • Prepare for and attend monthly Board meetings.
  • Generally maintain a monthly time commitment of 5-10 hours.
  • Volunteer at BNA events.
  • Provide input into the strategic plan and monitor the organization‚Äôs progress towards achieving established goals.



The Vice-President is a member of the Executive of the Board of Directors of the Beltline Neighbourhoods Association charged with supporting the President with the general management and supervision of all affairs and operations of the BNA.

  • Working with the President and the Chair of the Board to call and set agendas for meetings of the Board.
  • Being an ex-officio member of all BNA and Board committees.
  • Being responsible for overseeing all paid staff of the BNA, with the exception of BUMP staff.¬†
  • Assuming the responsibility of vacant directorships until such time as they are filled.

Taking responsibility for any other affairs of the BNA that do not fall under the jurisdiction of other Directors.


Director of Parks and Public Spaces

The Beltline has many parks and open space. The Beltline Neighbourhoods Association works with residents and the City to continue to make these spaces better for the community. The Director of Parks and Public Spaces will:

  • Report to the Director of Planning and Urban Development within the Planning Committee.
  • Interface with the City of Calgary Parks department.
  • Explore new projects for Beltline Parks and Open Spaces.
  • Help with resident engagement on new parks projects.
  • Lead parks and public space sub-committees and special meetings when required.
  • Attend special meetings, events and public hearings from time-to-time to advocate for matters relevant to Beltline parks and public spaces.
  • Acts as vice-chair of the BNA Planning Committee.


Vice Chair of Planning and Urban Development

The Beltline is home to some of the most ongoing development in the City. The Beltline Neighbourhoods Association works to ensure new developments respect planning and development policies, are positive for the community and of public benefit.  The Vice-chair of planning will:

  • Support the Director of Planning in chairing the BNA Planning committee.
  • Coordinate with the Director of Planning on reviewing and responding to development circulations from the City.
  • Actively promote high-quality, responsible urban design in the community.
  • Work with the City of Calgary to undertake periodic reviews of policy frameworks and development bylaws that are relevant to the community.
  • Maintain productive working relationships with the City of Calgary Planning & Development Department as well as developers who are doing work in the Beltline
  • Work with the Director of Communications to communicate important development matters to the community at large.
  • Work with the Director of Planning, Director of Parks and Public Spaces, Director of Transportation, and Director of Flood Resiliency as part of the BNA Planning Committee.


Director of  Volunteer Engagement

The Beltline Neighbourhoods Association represents a community of over 23,000 residents in the Beltline. In order to continue to represent the broader community the Director of Volunteer Engagement will be focused on increasing volunteerism with the  BNA.

The Director of Volunteer Engagement  will:

  • Work with BNA Board and Staff to recruit volunteers for events.
  • Continue to build our list of volunteers.
  • Engage our members with different volunteer opportunities.
  • Help coordinate volunteer activities with event or project organizers.


Director of Communications

The Beltline Neighbourhoods Association works to keep residents informed with local community news and developments in the Beltline. The Director of Communications will work to ensure we engage with residents across a variety of platforms from web, to social media and print.

  • Work with the President and Board on communications.
  • Managing Editor of The Beltlandian neighbourhood zine and Beltlandian Brief email blast for the Beltline.
  • Help manage and monitor social media accounts.
  • Work with our Community Coordinator to respond to the BNA general emails.
  • Support BNA advocacy campaigns.


Director of Social Affairs

The Beltline is home to many different social service organizations that play an important role in our neighbourhoods. The Director of Social Services will oversee building and maintaining close relationships with these organizations so we can work together to build a more resilient community.

  • Attend BNA Board meetings.
  • Meet regularly with local social service organizations in the Beltline to keep BNA in the loop on local activities.
  • Work to keep Beltline residents engaged and informed on social services operating in the Beltline.
  • Help chair the Beltline Fridge subcommittee.


Director of Flood & Climate Resiliency

The floods of 2013 were a reminder of the vulnerability of the Beltline neighbourhoods and surrounding area to severe flooding. It is important that the Beltline Neighbourhoods Association has a strong voice to advocate for better flood resiliency measures in the Beltline and surrounding communities. As a member of the Planning Committee, the Director of Flood Resiliency will:

  • Report to the Director of Planning within the Planning Committee.
  • Review, engage and promote projects in the Beltline that improve flood resiliency.
  • Monitor local and provincial developments on flood mitigation for Calgary.
  • Lead flood resiliency sub-committee meetings.
  • Attend special meetings, events and public hearings from time-to-time to advocate for Beltline flood resiliency matters.


Director of Business Relations

The Beltline has many businesses mixed throughout the neighbourhoods. The Director of Business Relations is responsible for building our Corporate Membership and offering opportunities for advertising and partnership on projects and events.

  • Increase business awareness of the BNA.
  • Grow the BNA‚Äôs Corporate Membership.
  • Develop and promote advertising opportunities for businesses.


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