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The Beltline is home to some 25,000 people, hundreds of local businesses, and many destinations that are woven into the fabric of our city’s identity. For those of us living in the Beltline, the streets, parks, cafes and restaurants are often an extension of our compact living spaces at home. We tend to walk more, drive less and experience the city in a way that most Calgarians don’t: like a tightly knit village.


In recent years, we’ve seen tremendous growth. The Beltline is now poised to become the highest population community in The City of Calgary. East Victoria Park and Stampede are set for major redevelopment. The Green Line will connect the Beltline to Inglewood and the deep Southeast, and one day provide LRT access up Centre Street North to the airport. The cycle tracks that once dominated opinion columns of the news media are now a way of life for many of us and a draw for visitors exploring our city by bike and e-scooter. The Beltline Urban Murals Project (BUMP) is transforming bland public walls with art each year by the dozen.


The Beltline isn’t just any collection of neighbourhoods in Calgary. It’s a place we invite the whole city to experience, for work and for leisure. More importantly, it’s a place where we can collectively dream up what Calgary will become next. Beltlandia is the fanciful idea of a Calgary of the future and The Beltlandian is a new local voice to share ideas of what that future might look like and how we can build it.








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The Beltlandian is designed by Bamff Studio and is the proud recipient of a 2020 Applied Arts Design Award. Since 1992, the Applied Arts Awards have been an internationally recognized standard for creative excellence.




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