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Find out about the latest activity and urban development work in the Beltline.


About the Beltline Urban Development Committee

The Beltline Urban Development Committee is a group of community volunteers working together to improve the Beltline through better private development, transportation and public realm in the area. We meet regularly to provide feedback on development permits and engage on large projects happening in the area such as the Green Line LRT project, the Beltline Area Redevelopment Plan, and the new Rivers District Master Plan.


Current Projects

  • Rivers District Master Plan
  • Beltline Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) Update
  • Green Line LRT planning and implementation in Beltline
  • Flood mitigation for Beltline and Calgary
  • Greater Downtown Plan
  • 17 Ave SW redevelopment
  • Humpy Hollow Park redesign
  • High Park
  • 11 Street SW public realm improvements
  • 14 & 15 Avenue SW mobility and safety improvements 
  • Ongoing Beltline area development permit (DP) reviews
  • Active transportation mode improvements for Beltline and area


Get Involved

Interested in helping shape the future of our community? Get involved! You can check back here for updates on urban development, stop by one of our regular BUD meetings, or become a member of the committee. We meet online the 2nd and 4th Tuesday each month at 7PM. All we ask is that you bring an open mind and enthusiasm for the community.


Terms of Reference

Find out more about the terms of reference governing the Beltline Urban Development Committee.



Questions, concerns, want to get involved? Contact BNA Director of Planning, Tyson Bolduc [email protected].



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