BNA Launches 17 Ave Open Street Surveys

🚀 The BNA is launching community and business engagement surveys to help reimagine 17th Avenue and inform piloting open streets in Summer 2025.

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Join the BNA Board of Directors!

We are now seeking a diversity of inspired residents and future community leaders to join our Board of Directors to work with us to continue to build a better Beltline.

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What We've Done - 2023

The Beltline Neighbourhoods Association (BNA) is a vibrant community association for the Beltline district in urban Calgary home to over 25,000 residents in the neighbourhoods of Connaught and Victoria Park. 


Based out of the McHugh House Community & Arts Hub, the BNA is non-profit organized by a volunteer Board of Directors who work to make the BNA an accessible and diverse association open to all residents to get involved in making the Beltline an even better place.


Here's a rundown of our 2023 activities...

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BNA launches petition for a pause on changes to SCS services in the Beltline

The Beltline Neighbourhoods Association has launched a calling on the Alberta Government to pause plans for SCS changes and closures in the Beltline until adequate community consultation can be conducted and a coherent plan for distributing robust resources across the city is shared publicly. Read more>>

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Closure of Beltline Community Hub another lost public space for Calgarians

With closure of the Beltline Community Hub (formerly the Beltline Aquatic and Fitness Centre), Calgarians in the inner city are losing another public gathering space. After working closely with the Beltline Neighbourhoods Association (BNA) and other stakeholders to explore options to keep the building open to the public, The City of Calgary is closing the nearly 70-year-old facility.

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11 reasons why the 11 Street active modes underpass will make the Beltline and Downtown Awesome

Change is finally coming for the last remaining at-grade rail crossing in the centre city

11 Street SW is a vital link between the Beltline and Downtown West for people accessing parks, grocery stores, restaurants, shops, homes, and offices. But the at-grade CPR train crossing has long made this link both unreliable and unsafe, especially for those walking and wheeling.

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Flames' Event Centre Proposal Needs More Work

The Beltline Urban Development Committee (BUDC) has taken time to review the Development Permit Application (DP2021-5558) for the new Event Centre. We also had an opportunity to meet with the applicant on August 24, 2021 to discuss it. Although the BNA is happy to see this site developed and for a critical component of the Rivers District Master Plan (RDMP) to be realized, the application before us has a number of shortcomings that we would like to see remedied.


Given the significant contribution of taxpayer funds that will be put towards this project, it is critical for it to demonstrate meaningful and material public benefit. At this time, we believe there is ample room for improvement. 

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COMING THIS FALL: A Safer, friendlier 11th Street SW in the Beltline

11th Street in the Beltline connects homes, parks, schools, shopping and entertainment. But it has languished for too long and has been in need of improvements to better serve the neighbourhood. Three years ago, the BNA reached out to the City of Calgary to work together on identifying areas in need of improvement and addressing them. We’re pleased to share that, starting this fall, residents and visitors to the neighbourhood will be able to access and enjoy 11th Street much more safely and easily.

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Removing CMLC from the Event Centre Would Be A Mistake We Can't Afford

In April 2021 — days before an anticipated development permit application and public unveiling of the design — progress on Calgary’s new $550 million event centre / arena project in the Beltline was abruptly paused to address budget issues. Since the middle of June, it has become apparent that the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation’s (CMLC) project management role is in jeopardy. As a project that will make or break the future success of the Rivers District in the Beltline’s East Victoria neighbourhood, the Beltline Neighbourhoods Association (BNA) is extremely concerned and disappointed by this news.

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Overwhelming Support for 14 & 15 Avenue Safety & Mobility Improvements

The City of Calgary has released the final results of Phase II public engagement for safety and mobility improvements on 14th and 15th Avenues SW in the Beltline. The results show overwhelming support from residents, local businesses and developers for adding a protected mobility/cycle track on 15th Avenue with added safety improvements to both 14th and 15th Avenues including curb extensions, crosswalks and improved signage.

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