All Alone Together in the Beltline

We see you!

We know that each of you are doing your part to keep our neighbourhoods’ safe. We’d like to propose a new tradition that we can each do alone (but together!!) in order to show our gratitude in the Beltline.

You are acting by staying home. You are posting to your social channels and sharing #stayhome tips with your neighbours. You are washing your hands and meeting-up with friends and family online. You are supporting our neighbourhoods’ local businesses by buying gift cards and take-out. You are taking short walks and diligently practicing physical distancing. 

Let’s get on our balconies, patios and porches and come together to say thank you! Thank you to the front-line service workers taking care of us in so, so many ways.

Join us! Every evening @ 7.00 PM from your home. Carry outside your noisemakers, practice your whistlin', and warm up your hoots and holler-ers. Let’s make sure Beltline hospital staff, emergency service workers, grocery store employees, pharmacists, take-out and restaurant staff (and so many more!) know we stand along side them to keep our city safe and healthy. 

A huge kudos to Sam Hester for the incredible poster below. 


HEAR you ALL tonight, the day after that, and the one after that! We'll be on our balconies, porches and patios every single night. 

Internet-reads to keep you happy, healthy and hopeful / last update: March 29, 2020

We have curated a few spots on the internet that have helped us in the last few weeks.

Local Content /

For a close-to-home reassuring read: SprawlCalgary's "This Time is Not Wasted" by Sam Hester 

State-Side Content /

For the conversations you're having with young people: NPR's "Just For Kids: A Comic Exploring the New Coronavirus" by Malaka Gharib

For the work-from-home-types: NY Times "How to Work From How if You've Never Done It Before" by Jen A. Miller

For those able to give in this uncertain time: The Calgary Foundation has compiled a list of local charities in need during the COVID-19 Crisis

First Places to Check for Updated Info /

City of Calgary - Response to Coronavirus 

Province of Alberta - Coronavirus Info for Albertans

Government of Canada - COVID-19 Response Dashboard 

Did we miss an important resource?

Send us a message on our socials if you come across an article, infographic, or community resource that has been helpful for you. We'll try our best to keep sharing informative and helpful resources here throughout the weeks ahead.

Take good care, neighbours! We're all in this together.


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