Beltline Urban Murals Project


Photograph by Jake Garcia, 2017


The Beltline Urban Mural Project (BUMP) is facilitating, funding and implementing public art, in the form of murals, within the Beltline neighbourhoods of Connaught and Victoria Park.


The goals of the project include:

  • Improve the quality of the public realm in the Beltline, creating a safer, more vibrant pedestrian experience.

  • Create interesting streetscapes and lanescapes through the use of art.

  • Promote local artists through the commissioning of art, and partnerships with local arts organizations.

  • Foster opportunities for tourism via public art.

  • Deter graffiti through the use of art.

  • Put the Beltline Neighbourhoods on the map for mural art by continuing to commission local public murals.


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Metro Calgary - August 24, 2017

660 News - August 25, 2017

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The Beltline Mural Project seeks to promote art, improve the public realm, foster community identity, and attract interest to local businesses in the Beltline through the installation of mural art on buildings in the community. The project ultimately seeks to make Beltline a community known for its public art, specifically murals.




The Beltline Mural Project is funded through the Beltline Community Investment Fund (BCIF), a fund created through the contributions of real estate development in the community in return for additional density. The project is administered and sponsored by the Beltline Neighbourhoods Association (BNA).




Scope of Work


  1. Successful candidates are to install a mural on one of the subject building in the location indicated in Appendix 1.

  2. Successful candidates will be awarded a payment for each building as set out in Appendix 1.

  3. The work to be installed must fit within the established dimensions outlined in Appendix 1. Alternate proposed dimensions must receive prior approval from the BNA and the building owner.

  4. Successful candidates must install the project between September 11 and 15, 2017 working between the hours of 9:00 am and 6:00 pm. Alternate dates and times must be approved by the BNA and the building owner.

  5. Lift equipment (scissor lifts), will be provided by BNA, but all other necessary equipment for the work shall be provided by successful candidates.

  6. Successful candidates must provide certification for the use and operation of any required lift equipment prior to the work.

  7. Successful candidates must provide certification for any safety equipment required as part of the work.


Roles and Responsibilities




  1. Provide successful candidates with a start up fee for the procurement of materials and insurance as outlined in Appendix 1.

  2. Provide lift equipment (scissor lift) for each project. Equipment will be available on the site starting at 9:00 am on the first day of the installation period until 12:00 pm on the last day of the installation period

  3. Provide payment for the total artist fee (minus the start up fee) to the artist upon completion of the work.


Successful Candidates


  1. Provide proof of $2 million general liability insurance prior to commencement of the work.

  2. Secure materials for the installation prior to commencement of work.

  3. A start up fee, as outlined in Appendix 1 will be provided to successful candidates upon awarding of the contract for the purposes of obtaining materials and insurance.

  4. Install the artwork on the specified building at the location specified in Appendix 1.


Project Timeline


August 18: Request for Proposals issued.

September 1: Request for Proposals submission deadline.

September 4: Notification of successful candidates.

September  5-15: Project preparation, materials procured.

September 18-22: Installation of art works (subject to change based on weather and design complexity).


3. RFP Procedures


Evaluation and Award Process


Artist proposals will be evaluated by a committee consisting of the building owners and the BNA. Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:


  1. Demonstration of the ability to perform the installation in the time outlined in the Project Timeline.

  2. Demonstration of experience in installing murals on the subject materials (i.e. brick, cinder block, stucco).

  3. Acceptance of proposed design and/or artist portfolio by the building owner

  4. Evaluation of the artist's’ style, experience and methods.

  5. Priority given for local artists

  6. Diversity of artist’s style, methods and materials from other proposals.


The BNA has selected candidate buildings based on the following criteria:


  1. Visibility and exposure of the subject wall to the public.

  2. Monetary or other contribution of the building owner to the project.

  3. Size of the subject wall and implications on the project budget.

  4. Feasibility of installation on the subject wall, including, but not limited to: requirements for lift equipment, requirements for access through municipal property for installation, ease of installation on the building material, and requirements for preparation of the wall.

  5. Acceptance of the building owner for proposed designs.

  6. Proximity of the proposed work to other proposed buildings and/or existing murals.

Submission Details


  1. Artists may submit proposals for one or more of the candidate sites. Candidates may submit proposals for all of the candidate sites. Each site must have a separate submission.

  2. Submissions will be accepted until September 1, 2017.

  3. Submissions and other inquiries should be sent to the project manager, Peter Schryvers at [email protected] and CC [email protected].

4. RFP Submission Requirements


Submissions are to include the following items, as described below.


Proposal Format


  1. Submissions must be sent in electronic format (PDF format).

  2. Submissions may additionally be additionally in person. Contact Peter Schryvers at the information above to arrange for an in-person submission.

  3. Submissions must be no longer than five 8.5” x 11” pages.


Transmittal Letter


  1. The submission should include the following descriptions:

    1. Artist background

    2. Artist’s style, influences and methods

  2. Submissions must include a sketch, mock-up or other representation of the proposed work. Alternatively and/or additionally, submissions could consist of a portfolio of previous works by the artist, or a thematic representation of the style of the proposed work.

  3. The submission should include the Artist(s)’s name(s), contact information (phone and email) and current location of residence.



  1. Submissions should include a demonstration of the following experience by providing examples of previous work:

    1. Artists experience in the proposed format (large scale mural)

    2. Experience with the proposed media (brick, concrete, stucco etc)

    3. Experience using lift equipment (scissor lifts or similar) and associated safety equipment (harnesses),

    4. Experience in completing work of a similar nature within a similar time frame.

  2. Demonstration of the above experience can be provided through written descriptions, photographs of previous work, letters of reference, or other methods of demonstrating experience.

  3. Artists using lift equipment must provide certifications for use of any equipment and associated safety gear.


Understanding of Project Requirements and Approach


Submissions should include a description of the artist’s understanding of the project requirements and approach.



Submissions must include two references that the artist has worked with in the past.


  • Contact name and position

  • Organization

  • Telephone

  • Email

  • Description of the professional relationship, including the duration of the relationship




Request for Proposals: Appendix 1



Location 1: Atmosphere Sports



Municipal address: 817 10 Avenue SW

Approximate mural dimensions: 14 feet x 48 feet (lower portion), 14 feet x 24 feet (upper portion)

Artist fee: $15,000

Start up fee: $3000

Material fee maximum: $3,500



Location 2: The Camera Store

Camera Store.jpg

Municipal address: 802 11 Avenue SW

Approximate mural dimensions: 48 feet x 14 feet

Artist fee: $10,000

Start up fee: $3000

Material fee maximum: $3,000




Location 3: Commonwealth



Municipal address: 731 10 Avenue SW

Approximate mural dimensions: 14 feet by 60 feet

Artist fee: $10,000

Start up fee: $3000

Material fee maximum: $3,000





Location 4: East of Saneal Camers



Municipal address: 1410 11 Avenue SW

Approximate Mural Dimensions :62 feet by 14 feet

Artist fee: $10,000

Start up fee: $3000

Material fee maximum: $3,000


Watch this page here as we add more candidate locations.



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