Building More Parks in the Beltline


The City of Calgary is considering a new park for the Beltline. In such a dense and diverse neighborhood, more open space is required so the community’s needs can be met.


Where is the new park being considered?

This space would be a small pocket park, one block off 17th avenue and near the popular Cafe Beano. 


With every new park there are lots of questions

What do you think of this spot? What kind of a park would you like to see here? 

What kind of landscape features do you think would best suit this location? 

A playground? Open space? Lots of trees? A water feature? A cool new structure?


Existing parks in the Beltline

Below is a quick look at current public park space in the Beltline.



Looking at more parks in the Beltline 

Where are some other spaces in the Beltline that need more open space?

What kind of park space do you think the Beltline needs?

Dog Parks? Urban parks? Big open spaces? Public athletic areas like soccer elds, basketball courts or tennis courts? Unprogrammed open space? Playgrounds? Natural areas? Fruit trees? Picnic areas?


Have a say in your own neighbourhood!

We believe residents in the Beltline should have a greater voice in advocating for more park space with the right amenities for our neighbourhoods.


Join the Beltline Neighbourhoods Association today! 


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