Making a better 11th Street Railway Crossing

11-street-s-w-train-crossing.PNGThe City of Calgary is making great strides improving north-south pedestrian travel between Downtown and the Beltline. Unfortunately, the 11th Street W surface-level crossing remains a daily challenge for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. 


A daily challenge

Beltline residents and our community neighbours travelling into the downtown core face two challenges: an industrial railway crossing and the major thoroughfare of 9th Avenue S. During the morning rush, a train and unfortunate timing with the pedestrian crossing can add 15-20 minutes to our commute. This critical north-south passage offers us transportation across the the tracks and major commuting routes, as well as access to multiple grocery stores, local restaurants, the cycle tracks and parks.


No Funding currently from the city

The Beltline Neighbourhoods Association recognizes the hard work coming from the City of Calgary to improve walking in our community. As well, the Centre City Underpass Enhancement Program is improving walkability in the Beltline. While there is recognition that 11th Street also requires attention, at this time the revitalization does not support the pedestrians, cyclists and 8,000 vehicles that pass across this short stretch of 11th Street on an average weekday.


What does success look like?

What does success look like on 11th Street? An underpass, pedestrian overpass, or something else? We want a solution that balances the needs of motor vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and all others living in and enjoying our community.


A greater voice for the Beltline

The Beltline Neighbourhoods Association is here to advocate on behalf of Beltline residents at City Hall. What improvements do you see for the 11th Street Crossing?


Help us have a greater voice.




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