UPDATE: City Refines 2nd Street SW Cycle Track Proposal


After multiple rounds of engagement, the City of Calgary has released new and improved plans for the 2nd Street SW cycle tracks.

The new and improved plan introduces protected cycle tracks while maintaining two-way vehicular traffic on the street with numerous safety improvements along this critical street between the Elbow River Pathway and the Downtown Cycle Track Network.


History of the 2nd Street SW Project

In June of 2018, the City of Calgary proposed adding unprotected bike lanes to 2nd Street SW, which is currently part of the City Centre bike network but marked only by "sharrows" (bike stencils) that have been proven to do little in the way of protecting people on bikes from cars. The proposal was timed to be implemented with regular scheduled road resurfacing.

After much community feedback in support of safe, separated cycle tracks, in November 2018 the City of Calgary proposed a new design with protected cycle tracks and one-way (north-bound) vehicle traffic.

The City has been working on a refined plan for the 2nd Street SW based on additional feedback it received after engaging with the community in November of 2018.



The new 2nd Street SW plan sets a new benchmark for safe neighbourhood streets in Calgary

Photo by Steve Coutts.

The new and improved 2nd Street SW plan is a huge improvement for the whole community that will set a new standard for safe neighbourhoods streets in Calgary. Here are the key highlights:

  • Protected cycle tracks with minimum 0.45m buffers on the east and west side will make riding a bike safer for users of all levels, especially women and children.
  • Road resurfacing as part of regular planned maintenance on 2nd street will make the road safer to navigate.
  • Curb extensions and painted "ladder" crosswalks at seven intersections that will make crossing the street much safer.
  • Rectangular rapid flashing beacons at three intersections for additional safety at specific crossings.
  • Two-way traffic in narrower 3.1m lanes will maintain ease of access while contributing to the "neighbourhood feel" with lower vehicle speeds.
  • Maintain the majority of on-street parking for neighbourhood residents and visitors.
  • New traffic signals added at 13 Ave and 2 Street SW will improve safety at this busy intersection.


Construction on the new design is planned for spring/summer 2020.


New 2nd Street SW design from 12 Ave to 20 Ave SW. Click to enlarge.


New 2nd Street SW design from 20 Ave to 26 Ave SW. Click to enlarge.





Visit the City’s project website, learn more about their plans, and provide your feedback in person on Wednesday, October 30th 5:30pm - 8:30pm at Cliff Bungalow-Mission Community Centre to see the design and speak with the project team.



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