JOIN OUR TEAM: Events Director

We're looking for a motivated and organized individual to join our volunteer Board of Directors as Director of Events for the Beltline Neighbourhoods Association! 



2017 Beltline Block Party



2017 Beltline Bonspiel



2017 Beltline Neighbour Day


Role and responsibilities

As a member of the BNA Board of Directors, the Director of Events will:

  • Work with event organizers to help plan and execute our Beltline Bonspiel, Beltline Urban Murals Project, Neighbour Day, Beltline Block Party events and more.
  • Work with our Director of Communications and Director of Business Relationships to promote and build partnerships for our events.
  • Help engage Beltline residents in volunteer opportunities for BNA events.


Join our Team!

Please send a brief letter to [email protected] by January 7, 2018 explaining why you'd like to join our Board of Directors and help build up BNA's program amazing events for the Beltline!


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