We Need Your Help to Stop an 11th Hour Plan to Hack and Slash the Green Line

Councillor Reveals 11th Hour Plans to Hack the Green Line

As you may have seen in the news, Ward 6 City Councillor Jeff Davison is leading a group of councillors caving to the demands of a small, special interest group revealing his plans last week to use delay tactics to kill the Green Line north and yank the Beltline alignment to 10th Avenue, further away from residents and businesses.


Councillor Davison, whose western ward is already served by LRT, is leading a pitch to slash the Green Line in two, kill LRT to the north using delay tactics, and yank the alignment through the Beltline further from residents and businesses.

The Beltline Neighbourhoods Association has been closely involved with the Green Line project since 2016 and strongly supports the City’s updated Stage 1 alignment. Read on about about the latest shenanigans and how you can help us ensure the project moves forward with the updated Stage 1 alignment.

The BNA Supports the Updated Stage 1 Alignment

The portion of the alignment that passes through Centre City is of critical importance. Getting the Beltline and Downtown sections right is fundamental to ensuring the success of the entire system. Future extensions to the north and southeast will depend on the reliability of the core segment to bring about maximum value to Calgarians. Cutting corners on the Centre City segment risks reducing system reliability and introducing inefficiencies that will negatively impact ridership and increase the costs associated with future segments.

This updated Stage 1 alignment mitigates risks, and critically, maintains the original project vision connecting the north and the south of Calgary. It will be voted on by City Council on June 15th and the BNA fully supports this alignment. You can read our full analysis on it here.


The BNA supports the updated Stage 1 alignment, which will be voted on by City Council on June 15th.


Councillor Davison’s plan to use delay tactics to kill LRT up Centre Street to North Central Calgary 

Echoing Green Line opponents, Councillor Jeff Davison is leading a pitch to sever the North and and Southeast segments of the Green Line and use delay tactics to kill LRT to the North on Centre Street. If the approved Green Line funding isn’t used to build LRT to 16 Ave N now, LRT access from the Beltline to Centre Street N and onto Calgary’s International Airport might never be built.

Attempts to yank the Green Line further from Beltline residents 

The same Councillor has also put forward a motion to move the alignment through the Beltline from 11 Avenue to 10 Avenue, further away from Beltline residents and businesses. This approach reduces the accessibility for Beltline residents, visitors to the new Event Centre, BMO Centre and Stampede Park, and is not supported by the Beltline Neighbourhoods Association.

Beltline residents' taxes will be paying into the East Victoria Park Community Revitalization Levy (CRL) that's paying for the new district over the next thirty years. Our voices should not be ignored in how it gets built.

Help us ask City Council to approve the updated Stage 1 alignment:


1. Email City Council and ask them to not delay LRT to the North and to move forward with Green Line underground on 11th Avenue through the Beltline

The updated Stage 1 alignment is fully-funded. Building the Green Line underground on 11th Avenue as recommended in the updated Stage 1 alignment will ensure good access for Beltline residents and businesses and provide the most convenient access for visitors to the new Event Centre and expanded BMO Convention Centre.





2. Call City Council and ask them to approve the Updated Stage 1 Alignment

Most councillors are currently working from home but you can still leave them a voicemail by calling 403-268-2430.


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