12 Avenue Underground is Back!


The Beltline Neighbourhoods Association is pleased to announce that today the City's Transportation and Transit Committee voted to accept our request to bring back the 12 Avenue Underground alignment option for the Green Line for further investigation.


Last week, we were deeply concerned to find out that the remaining three alignment options for the Beltline excluded 12 Avenue Underground, the only alignment we believe provides good accessibility within the Beltline and positive integration with existing modes of transportation in what is already a challenging environment for mobility.


Today at a public hearing Committee heard from numerous stakeholders, including the BNA, that 12 Avenue Underground option was prematurely removed from the shortlist.


As with the Downtown alignment, it’s critical the City makes the right decision for today and for tomorrow as we build to the next million Calgarians. Getting the alignment wrong in the Beltline has the potential to negatively impact other travel modes both within the Beltline and through the Centre City including Macleod Trail, which so many Calgarians depend on to get Downtown.


Many thanks to the Councillor Evan Woolley for forwarding the notice of motion to amend the City's shortlist with this important alignment option and to the Councillors who voted in support of the amendment. 


We look forward to working with the City to select the best alignment for the Beltline, the Downtown and for the entire Green Line project.


For more information, see our original post about the 12 Avenue Underground Green Line alignment option for the Beltline.



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