Overwhelming Support for 14 & 15 Avenue Safety & Mobility Improvements

The City of Calgary has released the final results of Phase II public engagement for safety and mobility improvements on 14th and 15th Avenues SW in the Beltline. The results show overwhelming support from residents, local businesses and developers for adding a protected mobility/cycle track on 15th Avenue with added safety improvements to both 14th and 15th Avenues including curb extensions, crosswalks and improved signage.




Phase II: Public Engagement Results

Phase II public engagement received over 600 responses with overwhelming support for Option 2B with a protected mobility/cycle track on 15 Avenue, two-way traffic on 14 Avenue and improvements to intersections, pedestrian crossings, and lighting on both avenues.


City of Calgary Phase II public engagement results for each of the three options presented.


Survey respondents were asked what they liked about each of the options and the responses were organized into positive and negative feedback. Option 1 showed the lowest number of positive responses and the highest number of negative responses while Option 2B showed the highest number of positive responses and roughly the same number of negative responses as Option 2A.


City of Calgary Phase II: Public Engagement Results

    Responses Percent
Option Total Comments









1 188 124 64 66% 34%
2A 180 161 19 89% 11%
2B 238 216 22 91% 9%



You can read the full City of Calgary Phase II Stakeholder Report and City of Calgary Phase II Online Verbatim Comments.



Strong support from local businesses and developers

In addition to the strong support for Option 2B in the City of Calgary Phase II stakeholder engagement survey, more than 30 letters of support for option 2B were received from prominent local businesses, developers and organizations in the Beltline.



The City received letters of support for Option 2B from more than 30 local businesses and developers located across the Beltline.


Letters of Support for Option 2B from Local Businesses, Developers and Organizations


O2 Planning and Design
ONE Properties
Strategic Group
Local Businesses
Clive Burger
Colette Investments
Hifi Club
Home & Away
Hotel Arts
I Love You Coffee Shop
Model Milk
National on 17th
Orchard Restaurant
Pigeon Hole
Rosso 17 Ave
Ship & Anchor
Sidewalk Citizen - Parkside
The Source
Village Ice Cream
Community Organizations
Arusha Centre
Beltline Neighbourhoods Association
Femme Wave Music & Arts Festival
Sled Island Music & Arts Festival



Option 2B: One-Way 15 Ave with Protected Cycle Track, Two-Way 14 Ave

Option 2B

15 Avenue looking east


Option 2B

14 Avenue looking west


  • 15 Avenue S. remains as a one-way road.
  • 15 Avenue S. wheeling lane will be upgraded to a protected two-way facility on the north side of the road.
  • 14 Avenue S. will revert back to a two-way road with wheeling infrastructure removed.
  • In addition to curb extensions and signage improvements, this option includes additional upgrades such as improvements to intersections, pedestrian crossings, and lighting.



Phase I: Public Engagement Results

In September 2020, the City of Calgary conducted public engagement throughout the Beltline on the future of 14 and 15 Avenue one-ways that asked citizens to identify what was working, existing challenges, and ideas for improvements. The City received over 500 contributions of feedback demonstrating an overall strong desire for a protected mobility/cycle track, improved safety, pedestrian crossings, curb extensions and more. A summary of the results of the engagement can be found here.



Thank you!

Thank you to all the residents and local businesses that took the time to participate in the City's public engagement sessions and provide thoughtful feedback on improving the safety and mobility of these streets in our neighbourhood. The Beltline Neighbourhoods Association has long advocated for improvements along 14th and 15th Avenue starting back in with the beginning of 17th Avenue reconstruction in 2017 and again after the project wrapped up in August 2020.


Read more about the need for safety and mobility improvements on 14th & 15th Avenues in the Beltline>>



What's next?

The feedback heard in Phase I and Phase II engagement, along with The City of Calgary's technical analysis, will be used to develop a recommendation for the configurations of 14th & 15th Avenues South. The recommended option will be further refined and improved as the City moves towards development of a detailed design.


Once complete, the City will share the final design with the public expected later in 2021-2022. You can watch for updates here.


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