What We've Done - 2017

The Beltline Neighbourhoods Association is a vibrant new community association for the Beltline district in urban Calgary encompassing the neighbourhoods of West Connaught, Connaught Centre, Victoria Centre and East Victoria.


We are proud to be a recognized member of the Federation of Calgary Communities and are founded by engaged residents with a history of service in their communities who wanted to build an accessible and diverse association open to all residents to get involved in making the Beltline an even better place.


It’s been a busy last year and a half in the Beltline. Here’s what we’ve done together...




We hosted new and exciting events...


The Beltline Bonspiel


Last February, we hosted The Beltline Bonspiel, the first outdoor curling bonspiel in Calgary in over a hundred years. The event was hosted at Beaulieu Gardens beside the Lougheed House on a community rink built by the BNA. The bonspiel was a friendly competition between four curling teams from the Beltline Neighbourhoods Association, Inglewood CA, Sunalta CA, Bankview CA and CBC Calgary competed for the 1915 Brewer’s Trophy Cup,


While one curling rink was used for the Bonspiel competition, a second curling rink was provided for all members of the community, young and old, to try curling.

2017 Beltline Neighbour Day


On June 17, 2017, the BNA hosted the first ever Neighbour Day celebration in the Beltline. The event was held at the McHugh House and in the park featuring live bands and DJs curated by CJSW, a performance by Calgary Opera, musical instruments from the Calgary Public Library musical instruments library, free delicious burgers from Last Best, face painting for kids and more!


Beltline Neighbourhood Block Party


On September 24, 2017, the BNA hosted a neighbourhood block party at Thomson Family Park. Complete with live DJ’s from CJSW, bouncy castles, bocce ball, Zumba classes, face painting and free delicious burgers from Naina’s Kitchen.


Backyard Alley Party


While 17th Avenue is under reconstruction, we partnered with the City of Calgary, 17 Avenue BIA and local business along the 400 block of 17 Avenue to throw an alley party over two weekends this fall! The event transformed the alley into a vibrant, magnetic and intriguing destination where you could sit on a patio, do some shopping, do yoga, watch an outdoor movie, grab a bite to eat and see local art!

All-ages live music shows with CJSW


We partnered with CJSW to host all-ages music shows for youth and emerging Calgary artists at the McHugh House to provide a much needed venue for all-ages music in Calgary. Since launching there have been over 25 shows and hundreds of Calgarians have come to watch and hang out.



We advocated for Beltline Neighbourhoods...


12 Avenue Underground Green Line Alignment


The 12 Avenue Green Line underground alignment and station being built is massive victory for Beltline residents and businesses, which were facing a seemingly inevitable 10 Avenue surface alignment back in September 2016 when the City pulled 12 Ave underground alignment off the table.


Despite the odds and the many naysayers, with the support of local Councillor Evan Woolley, we were able to successfully bring back this option and advocate for its eventual City Council approval as the final alignment.


Helped make the Cycle Track Network permanent


We went to City Council and advocated on behalf of the Beltline to share the about the benefits of the cycle track network and played a role in the 10-4 Council approval for making the network permanent.

Traffic calming, crosswalks and bike lanes on 14/15 Avenues


After the City of Calgary modified its plans to divert 17 Avenue traffic through the Beltline on 14 and 15 Avenues, we successfully advocated for delaying the diversion until better engagement could be conducted. After the engagement collected feedback from residents, the City modified their plans by added improved safety and traffic calming features including curb extensions, painted crosswalks and bike lanes.

Averted overhead Enmax Transmission Line beside the Beltline


We engaged with Enmax and Beltline residents to help advocate Enmax to change their plans to run a tall high voltage transmission alongside the Beltline and impact local parks. ENMAX recently announced their new plans to bury the line in its entirety.



We planned for the future...


Upgrading parks and streets

We worked with the City of Calgary to start plans on improving local streets, underpasses and parks.

Engaging with local stakeholders and the City on the future of Victoria Park and Stampede


We’re working closely with the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC), Calgary Stampede, the City of Calgary and other local stakeholders to help shape the future of Victoria Park so that is a great neighbourhood and destination for all Calgarians.

Beltline Urban Murals Project


Launched BUMP, an exciting new public art project working with local businesses, building owners and artists to commission incredible new public art works that add beauty and vibrancy to the Beltline. This year BNA commissioned and completed four new murals in the Beltline through BUMP.



We built stronger community in the Beltline...


Launched the McHugh House Community Hub


We launched the McHugh House Community Hub, a new model for a community centre that reflects the unique needs for community space in the Beltline while repurposing a treasured heritage building in the Beltline.


In partnership with CJSW, the McHugh House is helping serve as a much needed all-ages venue for young artists and music lovers in Calgary. As a hub, the McHugh House also serves as office and studio space for diverse organizations including Calgary Pride, BIG Winter Classic, Beatroute Magazine, Cowtown Opera and Studio M.  

Hiring Community Coordinator

As the BNA grows to become bigger and better, we’re hiring a Community Coordinator to build on our programming and operations at McHugh House and to provide better interface back to the community.


Help us keep building a stronger, better Beltline. Purchase a membership and attend our AGM Thursday, October 26, 2017.



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