City rushing Southeast Green Line construction amidst uncertainty and risk

On Monday, the City of Calgary released an update finally acknowledging to Calgarians the extent of their new plans to delay the Downtown and Beltline portion of the Green Line and scrap much of the underground alignment that was approved by City Council in June of 2017 after years of public engagement with Calgary businesses and communities. 

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Save the Green Line in Calgary’s Downtown and Beltline!

New plans could jeopardize the heart of Calgary’s Green Line as the City announces its intention to reconsider the Downtown and Beltline Green Line LRT alignment.

Read below to find out more about the plans and how you can help.


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TAKE ACTION: Share your support for a safer 2nd Street SW

City releases new plan for safer 2nd Street SW

Thanks to public engagement and much feedback from the community, the City has released a new revised plan for making 2nd Street SW between 26 Ave and 10 Ave SW safer for everyone.


The new plan makes good on building upon the important lesson that the cycle tracks taught us about safety: protected bike lanes greatly increase safety for less confident riders, particularly women and children.


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We need your help: New city budget proposes cutting reinvestment in existing neighbourhoods

Proposed 2019-2022 budget cuts hurt existing neighbourhoods

After City Council approved 14 new suburban communities this summer and a city-wide 0.75% property tax increase to pay for it, the City is now asking for $447M for the construction of more than a dozen new suburban communities while proposing cuts to planned major public realm and safety improvements on streets in Calgary’s existing neighbourhoods. The City’s 2019-2022 Service Plans and Budget calls for cuts to the City’s Main Streets Program and Complete Streets Program that together are strategically critical investments supporting growth and economic development in existing neighbourhoods all across Calgary, including in the Beltline.

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Help us keep digital billboards out of the Beltline and Calgary neighbourhoods!

CP Rail wants to build 6 new 232 square-foot backlit digital billboards in the Beltline

As reported by CBC News, CP Rail has partnered with All Vision, a major outdoor advertising developer, to build 6 new 232 square-foot LED-backlit billboards in the Beltline across the railroad bridges at 1 Street SE, 1 Street SW, 8 Street SW, 4 Street SW, and Macleod Trail. The company is currently applying to the City of Calgary for approval.


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TAKE ACTION: Let's Make 2nd Street SW Safe For Everyone

City Ignoring Its Own Lessons With Unprotected Bike Lane Proposal

The City of Calgary is proposing unprotected bike lanes on 2nd Street SW between the Elbow River at 26 Avenue and the railroad tracks at 10 Avenue on a key stretch of the City’s bike network that is currently marked only symbolically with “sharrows” (painted bike stencils).


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A handful of well-organized, vocal landowners in Springbank just outside of Calgary have been blanketing social media with sponsored ads as part of a media and PR blitz behind a massive letter writing campaign to the federal regulator to derail Calgary’s flood mitigation project.

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Plan for Beltine Overhead Transmission Line Averted

In May 2017, ENMAX began the engagement process for a new proposed 138 kV transmission line between ENMAX No. 2 Substation located at 3120 – 9th Street SE, and ENMAX No. 8 Substation located at 903 – 4th Avenue SW along Stampede, Erlton, Lindsay Park and the Beltline as part of a project to reinforce electricity transmission into the downtown.

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12 Avenue Subway Arriving Soon!

Have you heard the news?

Premier Rachel Notley has announced $1.53 Billion in funding for the new Green Line LRT from the carbon levy. This is the single largest infrastructure investment in Alberta’s history making up one-third of the $4.65 Billion cost to build Phase 1 of the Green Line from 16 Avenue in the north to Shepard in the southeast.

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HELP NEEDED: Protect 14th and 15th Avenues!

On June 5th, the City will begin converting 14 and 15 Avenues from Macleod Trail to 14 Street SW to one-way traffic diverting up to an additional 19,000 cars, trucks and buses per day and doubling the width of these residential avenues. Beltline residents spoke out recently and expressed their concerns that the City’s current plan presents significant challenges that, if left unresolved could impact the safety and quality of life in our neighbourhoods.

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