November update & volunteer opportunity

Today, we bring you a great volunteer opportunity for Connaught School and an update on the BNA's work with other community members on the Green Line LRT project.

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12 Ave Underground Ranks #1



The results are in!

The Beltline Neighbourhoods Association is pleased to hear that the Green Line Team’s newly completed detailed evaluation of the Beltline alignments found the 12 Avenue underground option ranked highest amongst the alternatives of 10 Avenue surface and underground, and 12 Avenue surface.

12 Avenue underground alignment was an option that was nearly eliminated just over a month ago until the BNA, along with an overwhelming number of community stakeholders successfully advocated for the City to bring it back on the table for further investigation.

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12 Avenue Underground is Back!


The Beltline Neighbourhoods Association is pleased to announce that today the City's Transportation and Transit Committee voted to accept our request to bring back the 12 Avenue Underground alignment option for the Green Line for further investigation.


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We're Asking The City To Put 12 Avenue Underground Back on The Table



12 Avenue Underground Is The Best Option for The Beltline and Downtown Calgary

The Green Line LRT presents an exciting opportunity to make Calgary’s most dense and urban neighbourhoods better serviced by public transit. The best option for the Beltline comes down to the accessibility of the Green Line to all the people, businesses and important places in the Beltline, and the positive integration with existing travel modes in what is already a challenging environment for mobility. 


The Beltline Neighbourhoods Association is deeply concerned that 12 Avenue underground is being prematurely removed as an option and is asking the City to continue to investigate this potential alignment.



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Making a better 11th Street Railway Crossing

11-street-s-w-train-crossing.PNGThe City of Calgary is making great strides improving north-south pedestrian travel between Downtown and the Beltline. Unfortunately, the 11th Street W surface-level crossing remains a daily challenge for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. 


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Feeling Groovy: Focusing on Pedestrian Strategy in the Beltline


Any Beltliner will tell you one of the best parts of living in the Beltline is its walkability. Feel like a coffee? Need to pick up some groceries? Showing off amazing public art to your friends? There’s so much within walking distance many people in our community don’t even own cars.


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Building More Parks in the Beltline


The City of Calgary is considering a new park for the Beltline. In such a dense and diverse neighborhood, more open space is required so the community’s needs can be met.


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New Rails in the Beltline - Green Line LRT Coming Soon!


The Green Line is the new LRT line that will run from the West, through downtown, into the Beltline, then onto Inglewood/Ramsay and down into Calgary’s South East. With billions of municipal and federal dollars committed to the project, we could see construction start here next year.

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Introducing the Beltline Neighbourhoods Association


Today we are pleased to announce the launch of the Beltline Neighbourhoods Association.

We are a vibrant new community association for the Beltline district in urban Calgary encompassing the neighbourhoods of West Connaught, Connaught Centre, Victoria Centre and East Victoria.



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